Improve quality with smart applications for the construction industry

Smart Technical Applications develops software and apps with the primary aim to improve the quality of processes during the execution phases in construction.

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Why STA Software?

STA was initiated by construction specialists with a wealth of experience in the execution processes of construction companies and a young team of software engineers. A few years ago, we started our search for software that helps reduce the administrative burden during these execution processes and improve them. Subsequently, we have decided to develop practical software applications ourselves. Our applications support construction processes digitally, using tablets. By digitising processes, being smarter with gathered data and presenting it digitally, clear gains can be achieved, positively impacting the process itself, the communication around it, reducing the administrative burden and workload, and improving the bottom-line and customer satisfaction.

Competitive advantage

In numerous areas in the industry, competition is strong and price often drives decision-making. The need to stand out from your competition increases in order to secure the continuity of business. STA Software develops software applications that enable you to beat the competition.

(Big) Data

Due to the use of more and more mobile devices, the need to digitise processes quickly increases. The volume of data that is generated as a result contains valuable information, which in several areas is under-utilised. The data in our software provides you with real-time insights into your processes, enabling you to take action immediately when required. Additionally, you can use this data for analytics and reports. Trends become visible as well as important information that can be used to continuously improve your processes.

Real-time insights

By digitising your processes, you have insights into them everywhere and anywhere and can make them completely paperless. Control and correct errors in processes in real-time and identify the causes of trends and waste faster. Our software modules support the continuity and growth of your organisation.

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Our innovative software is divided up into modules, which enable you to select only those modules that are relevant to your organisation. This prevents unnecessary costs.

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More than 100 companies!
Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma Bouwbedrijf Van Gerven Bouwmij Janssen BV van Grunsven Groep Aannemersbedrijf Peter Peters Reuvers Ontwikkeling & Bouw Muller Bouw Van Wanrooij Van der Heijden Bouw en Ontwikkeling Van Santvoort Bouw Bouwbedrijf van de Kolk Nedicom Dak en Geveltechniek B.V. Aannemingsbedrijf Fraanje B.V. Moeskops' Bouwbedrijf BV Hendriks Coppelmans Bouwgroep BV
Barli - Prefab bouw Bouwbedrijf Bodavi - Aannemer / aannemersbedrijf JMJ Bouwmanagement BV Bras Elektrotechniek Marsaki vastgoedadvies Woonveste Bouw B.V. Celdex Bouwbedrijf van Schijndel Jansen Bouwontwikkeling BV Van Schijndel Bouwgroep Perfect Bouwbegeleiding Bouwbedrijf De Delta BanBouw Van Gisbergen - Gewoon goed - Bouw en ontwikkeling Hoedemakers bouw en ontwikkeling De Waal Kozijnen ZND Dakbedekking B.V.
Hollanddak B.V. Bouwbedrijf Wagemakers BIK bouw Lieftink Geveltechniek Simson Applicatie Bouwbedrijf DOBU Someren Bouwbedrijf Versteegden Van den Bosch Vastgoed Trendzet Bouw Janssen Bouwen | Ontwikkelen bureau FRANKEN Ploeg kozijnen Toevast Van der Horst aannemers H4A MSP Dak en Wand BV Cornelissen aannemingsbedrijf BUKO Huisvesting Van Wijk Bouw Bouwbedrijf Th. van Kasteren Van Hoek Dakbedekkingen Cladding Partners IIBO Heutinkbouw Schutte Bouw & Ontwikkeling Steenbergen Bouwvisie B.V. Bouwbedrijf van Montfort B.V. Burghouwt Vlassak BMN De Klerk Nieuw Nederland Architecten BetoLinq Aannemers Buursema Bouwbedrijf Geras Welling Bouw Onderhoud Schilderwerk Welling van de water Bouwbedrijf HuneBouw Oude Egberink & Partners Bots Bouwgroep Bouwbedrijf van Grootheest Sengers Projectmanagement Aannemersbedrijf Teunissen

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