Defects in construction

Defects in construction

Defects in construction can have numerous causes

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Delivering a new or renovated home or any other construction project without defect still proves to be a challenge. According to Dutch organisation ‘Vereniging Eigen Huis en Klantgericht Bouwen’, the number of defects during the delivery of new houses and apartments has varied between 15 and 25 in recent years with both highs and lows. If you then realise that every defect costs a minimum of €50 to be registered, resolved and checked again, you’ll soon find that the costs of error for every house or apartment are €1000 on average. This does not include any figures of the pre-delivery phases, but if we would also consider those, then these costs of error will very quickly exceed €2000 per house or apartment. These are costs that the customer will eventually pay for. Customer satisfaction is put under pressure. Delivering a house is supposed to be a time of celebration. Not of frustration.

Defects in construction can have numerous causes:

  • Many construction companies do not have a structured process for the delivery phase of a house. This process includes agreements about the delivery planning, available workforce, administration, aftercare etcetera.
  • Processes to communicate defects often are not executed correctly.
  • Tight deadlines sometimes result in changes in the delivery planning and several teams often need to work on their disciplines in the same room or closely after one and another. This increases the risks of defects and damage.
  • Big projects are often managed by one person, who needs to manage both the delivery as well as the progress of a project. This sometimes results in a lack of focus on the delivery. Planning resources during every construction phase is vital.
  • The delivery of a project is executed in different way by all parties.
  • The number of defect increases when the industry is busy. The pressure on the planning and production increases due to for example a lack of or less qualified resources, foreign employees who are not yet aware of our standards and jargon, and increased delivery times. It is common for companies to lose control of their processes, which often leads to an increase in defects.
  • Even when the industry is not as busy, some defects seem to occur more frequently, such as damaged plaster and paint work, window frames or things that are simply not done well or have not been completed.
  • Many organisations in construction still work in a traditional way, making paper delivery reports. They don’t have real-time access to the delivery process and defects, so they lack insights into the number of defects, who is responsible for them and when they need to be resolved.

Smart Technical Applications, STA Software B.V. has developed software that allows the delivery process to be digitally supported with a tablet and thereby to be followed in real-time, making instant action possible if required during a project. Pain points and trends are directly visible and continuous improvement has become possible by having access to real-time insights into the number of defects, who is responsible for them, when they need to be resolved and when they have been completed. Never before was the transparency, communication and accessibility of the delivery process so clear and structured. Reducing the number of defects and improving continuously has become a lot easier.