Module: delivery/inspections

With Smart Technical Applications, you can control and execute the entire delivery process in a fully paperless and structured manner.

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How does the delivery/inspections module work?

The errors during the delivery phase can be registered using a tablet. Pictures of these errors can be annotated and all parties can view only the errors related to their work in a easily viewable report, which is sent via email. Errors can be marked as completed using a tablet or smartphone. It is also possible to register meter-readings, (translation missing) and send supporting documentation digitally. The presentations of all parties are visible in real-time. The module uses pre-filled libraries and is ready to use upon purchase of the license. Only project information will need to be registered.

Live Management View

With ‘live management view’ you will have real-time access to information for the (KAM?) plan, annual reports, ISO, purchasing meetings, management meetings and performance reviews. It is also possible to enable your customers to get digital insights into the delivery.

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Live Management View
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  • Execute the delivery process in a structured manner
  • Work fully digitally (paperless)
  • Clear registration and communication of delivery errors
  • Real-time insights to control the process and take action when required
  • Trends and waste can be quickly identified
  • Direct access to management reports
  • Continuously generated data for process optimisation
  • Pre-filled libraries
  • Transparency towards customers
  • Reduction of workload
  • Reduction of costs
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