Privacy statement

Version 2020-1

With this privacy statement we would like to inform you clearly about how we deal with the personal data that can be processed in our software and / or website. The privacy statement may change from time to time. You can always find the latest privacy statement in the software and on our website.

By using our software and / or website you agree with the most current privacy statement. By agreeing, you consent to the processing of your personal data in the manner as further explained.

Smart Technical Applications (STA Software B.V.) develops software for construction (related) companies with the objective to improve the quality of the processes. For more information about our products, visit our website The software is offered to our client as SaaS (Software as a Service) solution and installed on the appropriate devices and is used by means of an online and offline environment. STA Software B.V. processes (personal) data in the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG, or GDPR) as processor. The client is the person responsible in the context of the AVG.


The user (client, user and / or visitor) of STA decides which personal data are entered in the software and / or website. The user is therefore responsible for the correct foundations and objectives and other requirements arising from the AVG when using the software and / or website.

Collection and use of (personal) data (processing)

In this privacy statement we mention the possibilities for processing (personal) data in our software and / or website by the user. In addition, we explain which (personal) data we process.

The software and website

In the software and / or website the following general (personal) data can be entered by the user:

User data:
a. Company name, initials, first name, inserts, last name, telephone number, fax number, mobile number, email address, job title, department.
b. Company code, user name and password, other profile information.

Third party data:
c. Names and contact details of contact persons / companies of companies involved such as contractors, subcontractors, suppliers.
d. Names and contact details of (future) residents / customers / clients.
e. If there are photos registered, there may be persons standing on them.

f. Various reports can be drawn up and other reports, in which the (personal) data mentioned under a-c-d-e can be processed.

Our services

We process the following (personal) data:

a. If an organization wishes to purchase the software or is interested, we process the name and contact details of the applicant to process and assess the application. In order to conclude an agreement, we process the name and contact details of the management / authorized persons.
b. STA processes the name and contact details of contact persons of its clients (clients, customers, suppliers, third parties). STA processes this information to contact these parties, to answer questions, to execute an agreement.
c. If STA provides training, STA processes who participates in these training sessions and the contact details. STA processes this data to provide the participants with information before or after the training.
d. If a person signs up for the newsletter, STA processes the name and email address to send and personalize the newsletter. With every newsletter there is the possibility to unsubscribe. With a newsletter, STA can see if the newsletter is being opened, what the click behavior of the reader is, which items will be opened. This data is used to adapt our services and information provision to the wishes and interests.
e. With user support with the software it may be necessary to process (personal) data. STA can also use contact information to contact.
f. To analyze, maintain, optimize and secure the software and / or website and associated technologies and to prevent fraud, STA can process personal data or monitor via the system.
g. STA can provide assistance, STA is then given permission or its assistance follows from the agreement to be executed.
h. When contacting STA via the service desk / e-mail or by telephone, processing of (personal) data (such as name and contact details) can take place for support.
i. Back-ups can be made by STA, so that data can be recovered in case of calamities or incidents.
j. STA can agree with the user that STA can have access to the unattended software, for example to carry out maintenance. For supervised access, remote desktop software or similar resources are used.
k. When using the software and / or website STA processes a number of data to offer the functionalities of the software and / or website and to technically manage these. STA processes this data for the purpose of managing and improving the software and / or website and analyzing usage. STA also uses cookies, Google Analytics and other tools in the software and / or website. STA can process the IP address of the device, the visited web and / or app page, click and surf behavior, the internet browser you use, the duration of a visit or session.
l. If contact is made via the STA website, the entered name and contact details are processed to contact the importer to answer questions / requests and / or comments.
m. In our administration and invoicing we can process names and contact details of contacts. We do this so that contact can be made with the right people regarding administration and invoicing.
n. STA is active on social media. If contact with STA is sought via these channels, STA can process the name and contact details such as the social ID to contact them to answer questions or to respond to a comment.

Responsibilities and goals

User is responsible for the basis and objective of processing (personal) data in the software and website.
STA processes in its services (personal) data entered in the software and / or website in the framework of the agreement to be performed with user, on the basis of a statutory duty and / or by express permission or on the basis of a justified importance (such as good business operations).

The principles and objectives of processing by STA are included in the current privacy statement, (see above 'Our services'.) STA performs these processing operations on the basis that it has received permission or that processing results from the agreements, (License Agreement, SLA). etc.) Furthermore, processing can take place on the basis of a statutory duty or on the basis of a legitimate interest.

Do we share (personal) data with third parties?

STA does not sell or rent (personal) data to third parties. When performing the service, it may be necessary for STA to engage third parties for processing.

In addition, STA will only share data with third parties if STA is obliged to do so on the basis of a statutory provision, or if the user has given permission or when transfer of data is necessary in the context of the service provision.

(Personal) data is largely transmitted by STA within the EU. If a transfer takes place outside the EU, care is taken that the processor has an adequate level of protection, as required by the AVG.


STA takes sufficient technical and organizational measures to protect (personal) data against loss or against any form of unlawful processing. These measures are appropriate, taking into account the state of the art and the costs of implementation, an appropriate level of security in view of the specific risks involved in the processing and the nature of the data to be protected. The measures are also aimed at preventing unnecessary collection and further processing of (personal) data. Users of the software and / or website are responsible for keeping the sensitive data confidential, such as company codes, usernames and passwords. Our advice is to change passwords periodically, at least once every four months. It is also up to clients to shield certain information and only provide access to users who are authorized to do so (depending on role and permissions), for example because users work with these (personal) data or because they manage the people who work with the data. (personal) data work, or because the user is necessarily involved.

Storage of data

STA processes data when using its software and / or website, for example when filling in one of the forms.

STA processes personal data on behalf of the client / user in the performance of its services. It is up to the client to delete (personal) data in the software or to instruct STA to delete (personal) data. For other aspects of the service, STA will not store (personal) data for the purpose any longer than necessary.

For the execution of the service STA processes the data of contact persons of the clients, STA will keep this data as long as the agreement continues and thereafter as long as it is commercially reasonable.

Privacy rights

User and / or client is responsible in accordance with the AVG and therefore responsible for the effectuation of the rights that the AVG parties provide by using the software and / or website. STA will lend its cooperation to the handling of requests regarding access, correction or deletion, addition and rectification, oblivion and data portability of (personal) data.

In case of processing that takes place by STA, the data subject can address requests for access, correction, deletion, addition and rectification, oblivion and data portability, or objection to, or by mail. We process requests within four weeks. In case of an application, the applicant must identify himself / herself, that is possible by sending a copy ID which may have been made unrecognizable: the photo, nationality, document number and BSN. If a request is unreasonable, the request may be refused or administrative costs may be charged.

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